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Winlet brochure

Avoid heavy lifting ...

... in the production or in the warehouse. We are specialists in remedying manual heavy lifting so that the work processes are made more efficient.

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The most robust and fastest window lift on the market

Winlet’s product range consists of a series of self-propelled vacuum lifts that with vacuum and hydraulically lift and handle sheet glass, windows and other airtight materials.

Powerful hydraulics and precision to the millimeter

Winlet window lifts have off-road wheel drive on the front axle and all movement loads are hydraulically actuated. Unlike other technologies, hydraulics is extremely powerful and fast and at the same time also robust enough to withstand the conditions on site. Winlet lifts are also the most compact window lifts on the market meaning they can be used in confined spaces that other window lifts can’t reach.

The special hydraulics control on the Winlet means that all movements are executed with millimeter precision, which is vital for accurate mounting of glass panes and windows. To make installation work even faster, all Winlet window lifts are also designed with 100% linear movement of the front - both horizontally and vertically.

Avoiding heavy manual lifting

All Winlet glass lifts are, of course, operated with vacuum function from the cable remote control, thus the vacuum can be actuated directly at the mounting location, making it possible to install sheet glass etc. with just one man and a Winlet glass lift. The use of the Winlet window lift means that manual workers are spared heavy and awkward lifting; a big plus for the working environment as it spares workers from the back strain they are otherwise are exposed to.

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Winlet 1000

The Winlet 1000 has a lifting capacity of 1,000 kg and the unique power-steering of the machine’s steering wheel makes it extremely easy to manoeuvre on site.

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Winlet Crawler BL

The Winlet Crawler Bi-Leveling is a unique machine with both off-road and self-levelling characteristics in both horizontal axes. It is designed to work in places where other glass lifts can’t go!

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Winlet Lasius

Winlet Lasius opens up new options for lifting, handling and conveying heavy objects. With a lifting capacity of no less than 1,000 kg it is ideal as a “Pick & Carry” crane in a wide variety of different situations.

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Winlet 785

The window lift has a load capacity of 785 kg and, like the other fully hydraulic window lifts, has 6 hydraulic functions with both lateral movement and rotation being hydraulically actuated.

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Winlet 600

The powerful wheel drive makes Winlet 600 window lifts ideal not only indoors but also on outdoor terrain.

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Winlet 575

The Winlet 575 window lift is the smallest of our fully hydraulic sheet glass lifts with a load capacity of 575 kg.

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Winlet 350

The Winlet 350 is the ideal choice for lifting jobs both indoors and outdoors and the large range of accessories allows the lift to be used for many different tasks on site.

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Winlet 350TH

The Winlet 350TH comes as standard with fork pockets that fit on all machines, with quick conversion to telescopic loaders. In addition, it has an autonomous hydraulic system which means it can operate independently of construction machines.

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