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Winlet Lasius

New opportunities - new savings 

The Winlet range gives traditional crane and handling solutins tough competition. Unique performance means savings in time and invested capital.

Winlet Lasius is ideal for:

  • Erecting steel beams and other building elements
  • Glass and facade installation
  • Machine assembly
  • Repair work
  • Packing of non-palletized goods in containers
Winlet Lasius

Compact design

Winlet Lasius is ideal for contractors, installation specialists, industrial companies and on construction sites, where its compact and streamlined design really win points in comparison with other products on the market. The compact design makes it possible to reach where other heavier and bigger machines have to gi uo, due to their physical size, footprint, turning radius or low lifting capacity on the move.
Winlet Lasius runs with a max. permitted speed of 4.2 kph - double that of mini cranes on tracks for example, and neither does it need to be levelled by outrigger legs like most mini cranes.

Because the Winlet Lasius is battery-powered and therefore does not emit harmful exhaust gases, it can be used indoors with no environmental problems.

Winlet Lasius

Winlet Lasius
Winlet Lasius opens up new opportunities for lifting, handling and carrying heavy objects. With a lifting capacity of no less than 1,000 kg it is ideal as a "Pick & Carry" crane in a wealth of different situations. As it can work in- and outdoors on a firm surface, making it ideal for construction and industry.  
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